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In this area of practice

Corporate law is that branch of law which deals with the rights, liabilities, relations and manner of individual, organizations, companies and businesses. This segment of law is also recognized as commercial law or company law or business law or sometimes enterprise law.

The practice of corporate law is concerned with the general corporate issues, i.e., incorporation of companies, rights and liabilities of directors & shareholders, articles of association, memorandum of association, board meetings, secretarial issues and the public listing or delisting of companies, etc. Thus it encompasses the incorporation, funding, management or governance, and winding up of a corporation.

The company law in Kenya has its origin in the company legislations of English laws which is developed from the English thought & English Companies Acts.  For a better understanding of company law of this country, it is highly recommended to explore the English principles and the background of English legislations, and their enforcement in the Republic of Kenya. Generally the Courts of our country freely accept and apply the English law & principles and the decision of the other courts of the continent of Africa.

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