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In this area of practice

Foreign investment has become more familiar and popular way of business in this era of globalization. Kenya is quite suitable and ideal place for investment because of its resources, geographical positioning. Foreign investors are required to follow various legal procedures and meet various conditions before, during and after investing in Kenya. For example:    

·        Company Formation,

·        Joint Venture,

·        Registered Office Services,

·        Foreign Exchange Control, Regulatory & Tax Matters,

·        Double taxation treaties, incentive & exemption regimes for foreign investors,

·        Land Registration,

·        Sector-wise permissible foreign : local shareholding ratio,

·        Inward and outward remittances,

·        Capital and dividend repatriation, etc.

Olum Advocates provides every required legal supports to its foreign investor clients. As a reputed law firm, this chamber always maintains utmost and special sincerity and professionalism towards its foreign clients.

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